tokyo is fuckin huge

Oswald Cobblepot + Sandwiches.


Different maturity levels masterpost



girls don’t like boys girls just want steven gerrard to win a league title before he retires 



*plucks an eyebrow hair* pretty hurts

"Ladies and Gentlemen!"

My name sounds like thunder at the stadium

Lady Gaga: A Summary

hey guys!


hello everyone

i just wanted to let y’all know that i wont be really active on tumblr from 15th to 24th october

i’ll be going on a trip to japan, and while i’m there i wont have any mobile data. even though if i find any wi-fi i will connect, of course. i wont really open tumblr, i’ll chat with my friends and talk with my parents. i wont be setting a queue or anything like that. im just gonna be away for like two weeks. soo there will be almost no updates until im back in my country again. 

Lady Gaga dancing in a hot dog custume.